Tuesday, January 26, 2010



I'm excited for my race this Sunday at DeLeon Springs. Had a good workout this morning, will post stats later in this post. Sometimes I'm surprised I'm doing this, like waking up from a really long dream. Of all the things to try to do, bicycle racing. Geez.

Anyways, left the house, east on Beach to St. Johns Bluff, south to Town Center Pkwy, east to UNF, around the loop to Kernan, north on Kernan to Kensington, through Hickory Creek to Mathew Unger, north on Kernan to McCormick, east across the Wonderwood Bridge, U-turn to hit the Wonderwood going west, south on Girvin to Atlantic, west to Kensington, back to Kernan, south to Beach, west on Beach to home.

Total mileage: 29.45
Total time: 1:49:45
Avg Speed: 16.0
Max Speed: 35.7
Odometer: 612 miles

A couple of things are notable today. First, over 600 miles yay alright! Second, the max speed for today WASN'T on a downhill. That was my flatland speed in my run-up to the first part of the Wonderwood Bridge. That breaks my old record of 33.5 and gives me a little hope in my sprint for the race this weekend. The third thing is I did the Wonderwood Bridge TWICE. Back to back. That hurt. Really bad.

My average speed was a little low because I granny-geared it home after the bridge, and was fighting a headwind the whole time. Sucked.

In other news, bike is back from the shop (duh) and is performing great! Especially the brakes lol.

Will post more later this week! Wish me luck!

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