Sunday, December 6, 2009

40 Degrees: I Must Be Out Of My Mind…

Today in Jacksonville, it was a balmy 41 degrees at 8:00 am, right about the time I was crawling onto my freshly cleaned Felt F95. I got all of 9/10ths of a mile down the road before I decided I was ill-dressed for the occasion. So then I donned this get-up.

Do I Look Cold?

Do I look cold, or what? Not only did I have a good bit of trouble warming up, but I was also carrying a pretty hefty payload:

Loaded Up

I don’t think jersey pockets were designed for 30 pounds worth of tools, but I could always be wrong…

I had a pretty decent ride, but the cold and lack of food conspired against me, leading to a 6-mile bonk. I tried to stretch out and tell myself, “it’s just a hurdle, jump it and move on” but I guess that sentiment got intercepted by my roiling stomach on the way to my legs. I dejectedly turned back to go home, but spotted the entrance to the UNF Fountains dorms and swooped inside (pardon the pun). I continued to go through at a pretty easy pace, as I couldn’t seem to get my cadence up in the higher gears. I eventually worked my way over to the library, and while I was working on turns, decided to use the parking garage for instant artificial hills. I had a decent time running around there, and eventually worked the knot out, I guess. I hit some decent speed on the way home, took a little detour, and got a good amount of miles for the day.

Later, the girlfriend and I went to the town center to ride around for another 10 miles or so. Check out this expert locking job:

Awesome Bike Lock Job

I really need to work on that.

So, yeah. Look forward to more updates as the training ramps up for January.


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