Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Joy Of Commuting

So, on Friday I donned what is to be called the "Hibernation Outfit":
And followed a new route to work. It was much safer than dealing with the clustercuss that is the I-95/Baymeadows interchange, but adds another couple of miles and a new minutes to the route. This wouldn't have been quite so bad, but it just happened to be balls-ass cold outside to boot. My toes were frozen, and I had trouble breathing. Not to mention commuting fifteen miles by bicycle in Jacksonville is damned near suicide. Unless you have THIS:

This sweet piece of commuting machinery is the Felt F95 TFCCE (Too Farkin' Cold Commuting Edition [yes, I know it's a bit of a mouthful]). Maybe if I petition Felt, they'll make me a custom model?
Note the sweet 8 dollar Schwinn bag setup, and the hobbled together lighting:
It's a good thing we'll never run out of zip ties. It's also good that my bottle cages are generally unmolested, so they could still hold this fancy deal here:
So anyways, the trip wasn't TOO bad... except on the way home, wherein the coldest rain evar* began to fall.
*NOTE: this claim is completely unsubstantiated.
I realized, though, that even through all this, I was having a great deal of fun just being on the bike. I love it, all the soreness, coldness, and minor inconvenience aside. This is why I think I'll be ready to race this next season. I hope so, anyways.

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