Sunday, August 8, 2010

Commuting Again... or... F**k Red Lights

So I left a full hour before needing to be at work today and only got to work 5 minutes before opening... All because of red lights. I caught not one, not two, but EVERY red light between my house and BP Mandarin. I swear...

Ride wasn't too bad... pesky pain in my right inner thigh and that area in my back started acting up again... I might need to get re-fitted again. Here's to hoping that clears up.

In other news I broke 1000 miles on my bike today! Hooray for me! I must've looked crazy as I pumped my fists and let out a primal roar on San Jose.

Anyways, today's stats so far:

Total time 52:55
Total mileage 15.02
Avg Spd 17.0
Max Spd 23.7

I might be riding home... maybe not. I dunno. I'll update again if I do!

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